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V.A. - Airwaves (2LP)

One Ten / US / 1977 / OT 001/2
Media: EX- / EX-
Jacket: EX-

Laurie Aderson、Meredith Monkらを中心に、オーラル、ヴォイス・パフォーマンスにスポットを当てた、2枚組コンピレーション。この盤でのみ聞くことのできるパフェーマンスが目白押しで、中でもMeredith Monkによる"Rally"は、RVNG Intn.からリリースされた楽曲のネタにもなった圧巻のパフォーマンス。

A1 Vito Acconci Ten Packed Minutes 12:47
A2 Jana Haimsohn Hav'a Lava Flow 2:36 Listen!
A3 Terry Fox The Labyrinth Scored For The Purrs Of 11 Different Cats 9:03
B1 Julia Heyward Mongolian Face Slap Big Coup (Part One) / Nose Flute Big Coup (Part Two) 8:48 Listen!
B2 Dennis Oppenheim Broken Record Blues 5:00
B3 Meredith Monk Rally 6:42 Listen!
C1.1 Diego Cortez Arbiter 1:42
C1.2 Diego Cortez You Pay 1:45
C2 Jim Burton High Country Helium 5:58
C3 Leandro Katz Animal Hours 7:50
C4 Connie Beckley Triad Triangle 5:48
D1.1 Laurie Anderson Two Songs For Tape Bow Violin: Ethics Is The Esthetics Of The Few-Ture (Lenin) / Song For Juanita 4:06
D1.2 Laurie Anderson Is Anybody Home 4:27
D1.3 Laurie Anderson It's Not The Bullet That Kills You - It's The Hole (For Chris Burden) 3:49
D2 Diego Cortez Cataract Monologue 2:53
D3 Jacki Apple Black Holes / Blue Sky Dreams 8:00
D4 Richard Nonas What Do You Know 0:20